THE IMMORTAL GUARDIANS follows the story of sixteen year old Jessalyn Squalorwinde, a seemingly ordinary teenage girl. On what  appeared to be a normal, boring day of classes before Springbreak Week, Jessalyn begins to notice strange and bizarre things happening around her. Disembodied voices without a face call out to her in the hallways, dark, shadowy figures appear out of nowhere only to vanish again, and a mysterious, handsome stranger approaches her out of nowhere with a chilling warning: you are in danger. Hostily disregarding the young  man's warning, Jessalyn heads home, where she learns from her grandmother, Josephine, that she is not what she seems, but a Centurion, and angelic warrior, tasked with ridding the world of the vile, malvolent demonic Emmons, dark creatures that inhabit the night and our very nightmares. When Josephine is kidnapped by the vile Emmons, the henchmen of the Shadow King, Jessalyn enlists the help of fellow Centurion Kassius Shorwooode, and his allies, fiercely stunning and skilled demon hunter Jayde Masumoto, and wise-cracking, humourous Rippa Connelly. As the group heads off to rescue Josephine, bonding along the way, their weapons and their skills may not be enough as they face off with the Shadow King.

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